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Glam Look: Hair Extension Edition

Hair Extensions: Hand-tied sewing method

Hello Muses! let's talk about hair extensions? Incase you missed it, on our second entry we spoke about hair trends so be sure to circle back to that post to see other trends as well.

Our co-founders, Audra and Juliana, got to mingle with extensions this past week actually. Juliana added one row of weft extensions on Audra's hair, and she said "I never thought I would be soo in love with my hair! I love the body and how adding 100g, of 20 inches would make such a huge difference!" She is completely amazed with how good her hair feels and how comfortable they are.

At Musart, we are always looking for new ways to beautify the hair without any damage, that is why we choose to work with the hand-tied sewing method.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Comfortable.

  • No tension, tugging or damage to the natural hair.

  • Very little stress on the scalp or the roots with the proper install method.

  • Discreet attachments that do not show, even in fine, thin or sleek hair.

  • Appropriate for active lifestyles, including swimming, and high temperatures.

  • Glamourous volume, fullness and length that looks 100% natural.

  • Unlimited styling possibilities without bead or track exposure (including ponytails, buns and up styles).

You might be wondering... Ok, what about the upkeep? The maintenance? Depending on the natural hair growth and your preference, it will typically require about 6-10 weeks for a move up.

We offer other techniques such as tape-in and keratin tips. They all differ in purpose, and if you are considering hair extensions, call us and one of our stylists will make your glam hair come true.

Well see you next time,

Musart Team

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