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Hair trending for 2023

1-The scalp treatment.

It may not be the most *exciting* trend, but looking after your scalp and the integrity of your hair is crucial for beautiful hair. Scalp care is essential to achieving not only shiny, but healthy hair as well.

Our favorite scalp treatment at the moment is;

  • Argile Équilibrante Cleansing Clay. A purifying clay that deeply, yet gently cleanses and purifies the scalp. Helps balance sebum level on hair and Removes pollution & impurities without stripping. It leaves the scalp feeling invigorated and refreshed, adding lots of volume to your hair.

  • Duo Densifying Shampoo and Scalp serum.

A thickening shampoo & scalp serum duo set. This shampoo is made up of hyaluronic acid for thinning hair and universal defense serum for unbalanced scalps that are oily, dry or itchy.

But your routine doesn't just stop at your hair, it is also your scalp.

The serum helps defend against the feeling of an uncomfortable dry scalp. The fast-absorbing gel-texture helps soothe and leaves the scalp feeling healthy and hydrated. With a long-lasting fragrance. The scalp feels refreshed and revitalized. Helps defend against the feeling of an uncomfortable, dry scalp. This treatment leaves the scalp feeling refreshed, hydrated, and less sensitive. It provides a faster microbiome recovery.

You can find these wonderful products at Musart salon, as well as Musart Shop Kerastase

2-Luxurious Long Hair

Naturally or the addition of hair extensions.... both of these cases, long hair will catch eyes in 2023 for sure. The glam look can be achieved by styled aesthetic with a classic blowout or big voluminous waves. You can also have this Luxurious hair with us! Call us to schedule a consultation for hair extension, or hair care products recommendation, from one of our amazing stylists.

3-Seventies Bangs

Free and voluptuous, they are here to stay. You can achieve the voluptuous look with our WOW products.

Voluptuous look with our WOW! Raise the Root works amazing for fine hair as well. You can use it wet before blow drying, or when it is already dry to refresh your blow out, and to add a glam volume.

4-Bob Hair Cut, short hair cuts

Short hair cuts in particular will be huge in 2023. Bobs are getting much shorter, expect to see a shorter, square length with less asymmetry, it can be crisp, and you can add fringe, it is perfect for that on trend cool girl, like our beautiful Juliana Dias.

5-Midis 90s

Don't like your hair too long, or too short? The midi haircuts, more known as midi 90s is the perfect middle ground. The midi 90s goes perfect with the ‘90s blow-out aesthetic. For example: our beautiful guest.

Our Musart team is always here to help you to achieve the best style for you and hair style.

We'll see you next time


Musart team ,

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