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Musart Color Guide

We have been talking a lot about hair style, products and hair extensions, but on this post, we would like to guide you true our hair color services that are the most requested here, at Musart Salon.

We see hair as a canvas and our main goals is to always provide the best color that will enhance your unique beauty. So as our guest be ready for a professional input, and recommendations for what would be the best for your beauty.

Lived-in blondes

We call it lived-in blondes because it is a blonde color that will last in between 3 to 6 months and has a soft polished finish, the roots won't be visible as it grows. The service can get from 3 to 6 hours and it can be customized as soft, dimensional or both!

Lived-In Brunettes

Similar to vivid blondes, vivid brunettes have a beautiful longevity, from 3 to 6 months will depends on the desired result. with soft roots, and bended color. The results are beautiful hair with lots of dimensions.

High contrast

The name says it already, it has lots of contrasts, or just a bold money piece as to give a beautiful contrast to the face. It was really requested this past summer. The up-kip on this color style can be discussed, since depends on the hair, it can be from 8 to 10 weeks, and the service can be partial or custom foils only.

Buttery Blonde

Servide-Musart Total Transformation or Musart Signature Revive

It is a warm blonde, but that does not mean, yellow. It is a perfect color to keep up during the summertime, since you are usually more exposed to the sun here in our beautiful Florida.

Buttery blonde can also have mix of warn and very bright white, blonde, to create a beach look.

Money Peaces

Everyone was expecting this tendency to go away, but it still one of the most requested at Musart! and we love how creative it can be, you can just have bright money piece or add fashion colors, to have an edge look.

Apricot hair color

This beautiful color shade is a similar copper hair trend we saw everywhere in 2022. Not only is it slightly lighter than last year’s, but it also has a peachy undertone that goes more into a golden tone than orange tones. And just a remind! be prepared to make root touch-up appointments every 3 to 6 weeks, too.

Grey Blending

Yes, it is one of our most popular colors, blending the sparkles are much requested for our trend ladies who wants to have a modern hair, and to embrace their grey strands with a glam look.

That is all for today. Which one is your color? Let us know on the comments.

With love, Musart Team.

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